Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Langanbach – a valued partner in Ireland

blood bank fridges
One of our longest associations has been with our Irish distributor, Langanbach Services. I had the pleasure of visiting them in the beautiful seaside town of Bray in County Wicklow. The last time I had been in Bray was when I was a child and on that occasion I managed to get sunburnt. I didn’t believe that visiting the town in March could possibly top up my tan, but the unusually hot spring weather threatened a repeat of the sunburn.

Langanbach market our range of reagents, kits, blood bank fridges and other blood transfusion equipment throughout the island of Ireland, both north & south of the border. They have been a valued partner for many years and it was a pleasure to visit their premises and meet the team. Langanbach has an excellent modern facility and a dedicated team allowing them to provide a first rate service despite the economic difficulties that exist across the island.

In many ways, the similarities with Lorne were striking. We share many of the same issues, offer many of the same advantages over our competition and even share the same sorts of problems in this age of economic uncertainty. I also know that I am very much looking forward to my next visit and I extend my thanks to Frank, Jim, Liz, Marion, Catherine and Gerry (pictured from left to right).

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