Friday, 20 April 2012

Donating Blood for the first time

I have never donated blood before. Since joining Lorne, the urge to do so has become more pressing. As a member of the Lorne team, I have visited local hospitals and seen the great work going on in the blood banks. I am aware of the importance of giving blood and I am surrounded on a daily basis with the tools of the trade – blood grouping reagents and blood bank fridges.

So, it is my intention to sign up and do my bit for the community in which I live. Who knows? One day, it might be a friend or a loved one who is in dire need of a transfusion. It could even be me. I am finding it harder and harder every day to put it off.

As someone who works with blood grouping reagents, it may seem rather surprising that I do not even know what blood groups I belong to. I suppose that will change when I sign up and offer my first donation. I will also know something of the process that follows – the use of blood grouping reagents to determine my profile, my blood being stored in a blood bank fridge and the eventual transfusion into someone who needs it.

I will post what happens over the next few weeks. Who knows? Perhaps you might be inspired to do the same.

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