Friday, 2 March 2012

A warm welcome in Budapest

ABO blood groups
One of the joys of being a member of the Lorne team (see, it’s that team theme again), is visiting our distributors wherever they happen to be.

We enjoy an excellent working relationship with our Hungarian distributor, Reagens Kft. They are also in the business of supplying reagents for the ABO blood groups, the Rhesus blood groups and the rares. I had never visited their premises before. In fact, I had never been to Hungary before. And so it was a genuine pleasure to set foot in Hungary for the first time.

I am always excited going to new places. This trip was no exception. I found Budapest to be a heady mix of the new and the old. The river Danube flows through the city dividing Buda in the West from Pest in the East. The late winter sun made the Danube bluer than I had hoped. Besides the mental waltz I was performing, there was a bit of business thrown in too. The ABO blood groups need looking after wherever they may be found.

Our hosts were most gracious. The weather was kind. And I, for one, can’t wait to go back.

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