Monday, 5 March 2012

Move over Rhesus Blood Groups

Rhesus Blood Groups
The last week has seen a decisive shift in the weather here in the UK. As the evenings start to lengthen – noticeably – the icy grip of winter has let loose its grip and the first signs of spring are now appearing.

One effect I have noticed is that it has rather confused the heating here at Lorne. One minute the heating is on and then the next minute someone has switched the system over to air conditioning. We are variously warm as toast or putting on jumpers, depending upon which office space you happen to be in. This cannot be said of everyone. Many of our products have to be stored in refrigerated conditions and for some that means diving in an out of our huge walk-in fridges.

Our reagents, whether they are for grouping ABO or Rhesus blood groups have to be kept nice and cold. I don’t envy those that are spending time in and out of the fridge at this time of year. Mind you, there may be a steady queue outside the walk-in fridges if we get a heat-wave later in the year. I suppose there might be enough space as long as the reagents don’t mind us muscling in. After all, we have got ABO and Rhesus blood groups in us too.

I think that may be one of the worst excuses to jump into a fridge I have ever come up with. I can’t see anyone falling for it.

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