Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Reaching new heights as a team

I often refer to my colleagues as ‘the team’. I do so without thinking – though I know that was not always the case when I have worked elsewhere. Lorne does have a team mentality – sometimes even a family mentality – and that is no bad thing in my book. Days such as these are all about seeing ourselves as a special kind of group – and I don’t mean an ABO blood group!

The team-building day just sort of sneaked up on us all. The training room at the local golf club was welcoming and there were no signs of assault courses or other physically demanding, potentially bone-breaking activities. In fact, the whole day turned out to be rather civilised.

Mind you, we didn’t get away with it altogether. There is nothing more levelling in a company than everyone being on all fours. The highlight for most, I think, was the collaborative tower building task. How high can a tower made of spaghetti and marsh mallows get? The winning effort was really rather impressive (I think they must have used superglue at some point), whilst my own ‘team’ got a worthy mention in dispatches. I will not mention the third team’s effort – too painful!

Still, regardless of the strength of our culinary towers, the strength of the Lorne team was never in any doubt. It is upwards and onwards and back to the ABO blood groups on Monday.

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