Monday, 12 March 2012

Are we Medical Equipment Suppliers or Medical Equipment Manufacturers?

medical equipment suppliers
It has been one of those weeks. We have known for a while that this time would come, but we were not expecting it all at once. Every year, we attend various congresses and exhibitions and at some point, we sit down and register for each of them. At least, we do when we start to get the reminders.

This week, they all arrived at once. It’s not just about booking our place. There are hotels to book, transport arrangements to be made, display screens to re-design and promotional items to order. The registration process itself can be an exacting process.

“Are we medical equipment suppliers or are we medical equipment manufacturers”, I ask my colleague, squinting at the screen.

“Who wants to know”, she asks, guessing correctlythat it is one of those drop-down list selections we have to make. There are swarms of such categorisation lists on every registration site. I suppose the organisers have to put us in the right part of the exhibition space. We both know the answer but this is question 289 of the registration form and our brains are frazzled.

“I’ll put us down as medical equipment manufacturers. No! Wait! We’re medical equipment suppliers”. In the end I choose one and with a few more clicks we are registered. That’s one down, three more to go. Now we just have to hope that we can find hotels in these places…


  1. I would love to find you. I have seen many medical equipments, which is listed in your products. Thanks.

  2. You can contact Lorne at If you have a question simply fill in your contact details and we will respond as soon as we can