Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What Rhymes with Blood Grouping Reagent?

blood grouping reagents
I have been around for a few years – more than I care to remember. That’s not the case with everyone here at Lorne. We have some young ‘uns here and like most young people, they have different tastes in music. Our newest member of the team is a dab hand at composing music, though it’s not the sort that Mozart would recognise.

It did get me thinking though. If we were to compose a song about Lorne in the modern style – say, a rap – what sort of upbeat and poetical offering could we come up with? Rap music lyrics are fast and they rhyme, so I thought that I would be best placed to give it a go. Step aside modern rappers – here comes MC Lorne:

We do Anti-A and we do Anti-B, clones 1 and 2 of great Anti-D, Duffy, Cellano and Anti Big K, quality product, what can I say,Stainer's and fridges and excellent freezers, loved by all those laboratory geezers…

Wow! I never realised I had such talent. I am just a little tempted to hang up my suit and get my decks and headphones out. I might even ask the new guy to put a beat to those words. If you need to find the Lorne stand at any exhibitions this year, just follow the music. And if you need to discuss anything, I’ll be the one wearing the sunglasses and bling.

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