Friday, 16 March 2012

Antibody Detection – ‘Jolly Good Show, Sherlock’

antibody detection
I am something of a fan of Sherlock Holmes. Not just the character, I guess, but the whole genre of detective books (and films). I am always impressed by the problem-solving abilities of detectives, their use of evidence-based logic and the slow and steady way they un-weave the tangled web of deceit that the villains have deployed.

Of course, with Holmes and Watson, the mystery usually starts with the detection of a body. So I am somewhat tickled when I see the words ‘antibody detection’ on the Lorne website. I mean, to someone who doesn’t know what an antibody is, it must sound so very strange. In our universe, we have body detection. In this strange, parallel universe, they have ‘antibody detection’. Spooky!

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. There is the Coombs test. Is there somebody out there called Coombs that we give a test to every so often? Surely Coombs should know this stuff by now? Or shall we call it the antiglobulin test? Does it sound any less strange or does it sound like something J.R.R. Tolkein would have conjured up? Do the Hobbits wander round and occasionally carry out an antiglobulin test on any strangers they encounter?

Once again, I think I have been overdoing it. The science-bods that may be reading this will doubtless be dismissing me for being a weird and confused specimen (or as we prefer to call it, a ‘marketer’). Still, I look forward to turning the page one day and reading that Sherlock Holmes is standing over a man-shaped hole in the fabric of the Universe. Then, with spyglass in hand, he can deliver the immortal words…

“Watson, Old Boy, I think it’s time for some antibody detection.”

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