Saturday, 11 February 2012

A Warming Winter’s Tale

It is very cold here in the UK at present. As you know, Lorne are laboratory equipment suppliers, including refrigeration solutions for blood banks so we know a thing or two about keeping things cold. But just because I work for Lorne doesn’t make me a fan of this freezing weather.

It is somewhat ironic that the fridge that we take to exhibitions effectively goes into hibernation in winter. There is something quaint about the idea that the fridge is wrapped up and rested during the cold winter months. When Spring finally arrives and the first exhibition comes around, it will be unwrapped and brought back to life.

We exhibit in the UK as laboratory equipment suppliers. Those who have visited us on our stand will have seen our fridge. In recent times, the fridge has accommodated a host of little teddy bears – which could be liberated for a small donation to the ‘Children with Leukaemia’ charity. We are just about to send a cheque for several hundred pounds to the charity and our thanks go to all those who took a teddy home with them. That’s a tale of warmth to share in the midst of such a cold winter.

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