Saturday, 11 February 2012

Team Building – Embracing the Fear!

The team at Lorne are facing a new challenge this week. It has been decided that we could all do with a bit of team-building, something that everyone has to face at least once in a career. I have been on some pretty madcap happy-huggy team building days in previous jobs and I am aware that they are not to everyone’s taste. I’ve witnessed a few broken bones and plenty of red faces – such things are par for the course.

Still, before I scare anyone off, such days are often a welcome diversion from the usual diet of blood groups and blood grouping. The thing with team building is to embrace the fear and get stuck in. He or she that holds back will find it a tad more uncomfortable than those who just let go. So, I am gearing myself up for crawling, jumping and being carried around by my colleagues, not to mention a host of other exercises that could easily end up in a visit to the local Emergency Room.

If it works – and who am I to doubt it – we will all be back at Lorne the following week, working like a well-oiled machine. And if we need to attend to the business of blood groups and blood grouping, we, the Lorne team, will do so in a team-like display of teamwork. Now that’s what I call a team!

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