Wednesday, 5 December 2012

IQC Kits to be launched

IQC Kits to be launched by Lorne
Lorne is preparing to launch a new IQC kit for UK based serologists in the coming weeks. Recent trials in the UK have suggested that the kits will be well received and feedback has been very encouraging.

Speaking to many blood transfusion professionals at this year’s BBTS in Harrogate, it was clear that the kit has many advantages over what is currently available in the UK market. It was also clear that there were other issues apart from quality that left UK based blood transfusion specialists crying out for a new IQC kit – reliability and price were two other important issues and both of these will be addressed as this new kit comes to market.

Lorne has been keen to add a quality IQC kit to its product portfolio. This kit belongs alongside Lorne’s blood grouping reagents as it offers a high quality solution to those seeking a different panel in an IQC kit. If you are interested in more information about the IQC kit, drop me a line at and I will give you the good news. Things will only get better when I tell you the price…

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