Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lorne training videos launched at Medica

Langanbach, with Lorne’s Technical Director Eddy Velthuis
Having spent many years delivering training courses of one sort or another, it was a pleasure to present another new training course to a number of distributors, NGOs and end users who were attending Medica 2012. (That’s Jim Woods in the photo, the Sales Director of our Irish Distributor, Langanbach, with Lorne’s Technical Director Eddy Velthuis – and me)

I’m not sure how comfortable I would have felt had our products not enjoyed a reputation for quality. It cannot be easy manning a stand when the product on offer is sub-standard, never mind standing in front of those at the sharp end in a training scenario. Fortunately, there is sufficient good will towards Lorne and fronting a presentation at a trade show can be positively pleasurable under such circumstances.

The main focus of the presentation – as it would be for any company – is the brand proposition. Lorne has a simple brand proposition. It produces high quality, stable wet reagents, backed by great customer service and sold at competitive prices. From a marketing perspective, this is an easy sell to those who already buy from us. They already know.

But perhaps the most pleasurable offering of the day was the launch of the new training videos. Lorne has produced videos demonstrating how their reagents can be used. For anyone involved in the practicalities of blood grouping, these videos are an essential guide to utilising wet reagents using the various techniques available. The tube technique, the slide technique, the microtitre technique and the gel card techniques are all covered in glorious technicolour. And they come with a simple commentary to guide the user. Those who have watched them, liked them. I hope you will like them too. The videos are available very soon on the Lorne website.

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