Monday, 2 July 2012

Welsh Blood Service Conference – WASPS

I love travelling to Wales. Lorne is just a stone’s throw from the M4 motorway which wends its weary way westward to the Welsh capital, Cardiff, and onwards to the delightful city of Swansea. The Welsh are keen to point out that there is a toll for entering Wales but it is free to leave and return back into England. From my point of view, that’s fair enough. I love the place.

The Welsh Assessment of Serological Proficiency Scheme (or WASPS) conference was held at the Welsh Blood Service HQ in Talbot Green, just outside of Cardiff. It was a chance for Lorne to meet a wide variety of our customers both inside the Welsh Blood Transfusion Service and beyond. The HQ in Talbot Green is an excellent modern facility and a natural host for such a conference.

It was wonderful to chat to so many people who use Lorne reagents, kits and equipment. It was great to hear such excellent feedback on the things that we pride ourselves on; when a clinician is singing the praises of Lorne antisera, or commenting on the excellent customer service we deliver, it is hard not to feel good about the company I work for.

I may feel like breaking into song at such times, but knowing the appreciation in this part of the world for the male singing voice, I think it would be best that I give it a miss.

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