Friday, 6 July 2012

Home Diagnosis Kits

Occasionally here at Lorne, we receive requests from ordinary members of the public for our diagnostic kits. More often than not, it is in response to a condition that has been receiving media attention. Lorne diagnostic kits have been developed for use by clinicians and they are not on general sale, but it doesn’t stop the occasional enquiry from members of the public who are worried about the latest media scare story.

I was interested to read that the FDA has just approved a self-administered home HIV diagnosis kit. Until now, testing for HIV has been exclusively the domain of the professionals – doctors and clinicians – but now the opportunity exists (in the U.S.A.) to test yourself in the comfort of your own home. The FDA do stress that the tests are not 100% accurate and that additional testing by professional clinicians is strongly advised.

It got me thinking. I wonder if such a high-profile announcement will start a spate of new enquiries for Lorne diagnostic kits. We are justifiably proud of our kits, but we are still aware that they are designed for professional use only. So, if you happen to be watching TV or listening to the radio, or you read some titbit about the latest popular medical condition on Facespace (or whatever it’s called), then don’t call us. Remember – Lorne diagnostic kits are best in the hands of the professionals, who know what they are doing and who appreciate the quality that comes with the Lorne brand. And get well soon too!

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