Thursday, 5 April 2012

Visit to the UN and the Red Cross

blood transfusion equipment

It had all the makings of a comedy sketch.
“I hear you are going to Geneva. You’re going to visit who exactly?
“That’s right, WHO.”
“No, seriously, who are you going to visit?”
“Yes, that’s right. WHO.”

Before the ghosts of Abbott & Costello return to claim back their famous comedy sketch, I ought to point out that I did actually go and visit the WHO, the World Health Organisation. A number of U.N. agencies are based in Geneva and I was travelling with a small group of British companies on a mission organised by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and the UKTI to speak to them.

As well as the WHO, I also managed to speak to the Red Cross. It is on occasions such as these that I realise the nature of the products that Lorne manufacture. Wet reagents can be used in the field in emergency situations – in times of great human suffering, they can provide for safe blood transfusions - even with limited access to blood transfusion equipment. The NGOs that we supply are all impressed with the quality and stability of the reagents and we are truly proud of the service we provide to these humanitarian organisations.

Geneva, as a city, may feel like a million miles from the conditions in the field caused by war and natural disasters. However, the trip was a success and if it results in providing great products for a great cause, it will have been worth the effort.

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