Thursday, 2 February 2012

Exhibition Fatigue

When you get today three of an exhibition, even one as spectacular as Arab Health, you can start to suffer from exhibition fatigue. You have a nice stand, decorated with screens and posters advertising the products you sell and the benefits they provide. You have been standing here for two and a half days already and you still have one and a half to go. Business cards and conversations all start to blur. And your thoughts start to drift to the evening’s entertainment rather than blood screening kits or blood transfusion equipment.

Not that I am bemoaning anything to do with Blood Screening or blood transfusion. It is the business we are in. Spectacular as the World Trade Centre in Dubai can be, and regardless of the amazing city beyond its walls, the inside of an exhibition here is much the same as it is anywhere. The people drift in, they pick up your marketing materials, they glance at your posters and chat about distribution or buying stuff.

Then, and I don’t why, day four arrives and you get a second wind. You don’t mind chatting blood screening or talking to that same guy again about blood transfusion or whatever. The place takes on a fresh look once again. Maybe it’s because you feel all conscientious again and want to do the very best for the business. Or maybe it’s because you will soon be packing up and going home. I guess I really know which one it is.

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