Monday, 6 February 2012

Camels (again) and monkeys too!

So, I finished another week at Lorne and I met up with friends for some hard-earned rest and relaxation. ‘I read the blog entry about the camel’, my friend piped up. ‘I thought you guys were laboratory equipment suppliers… what’s with the camel story?’

‘We do more than just laboratory equipment’, I retorted. ‘We make blood grouping reagents – you know, to tell you what blood groups you belong to.’

‘Camels don’t store water in their humps’, another friend suggested. ‘They actually store water in their blood’. We were back to camels again. ‘Can you tell what blood group a camel belongs to?’

Anyway, the next half hour is all about blood groups. They had heard of the ABO blood groups but it all started turning pear-shaped when I mentioned the Rhesus blood groups. ‘Now you’ve moved from camels to monkeys’, the first friend pointed out, helpfully. I explained that the Rhesus blood groups were indeed connected to the monkeys of the same name. A simple conversation about blood groups had become invaded by camels and monkeys. How could I stop them thinking I am working at a zoo?

‘Have I ever told you that we are laboratory equipment suppliers?’ 

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