Wednesday, 10 October 2012

BBTS – Where reliability is king

This was only my second BBTS. It amazes me just how small and intimate the blood transfusion community is – I witnessed many of the same faces mixing and mingling with each other, recognising each other and sharing stories and opinions. It was also heartening to be recognised by some of the delegates. The bottom line is that, whether you are an exhibitor or a delegate, the ‘community’ is essentially a collection of like-minded people. It’s a people thing.

What also brought this home was listening to the delegates expressing their various hopes and fears – about the future of the NHS, about the teams of people who share their workspaces, about the doctors and the nurses, and about the patients who will feel the chill wind of change in the most direct of ways. There is a lot of uncertainty about and it has unsettled so many good people.

Fortunately, here at Lorne, our only real changes were the new faces on our stand (and our brand new fridge, of course). Maintaining a reputation for reliability in uncertain times requires investing in people. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – it is a people business after all. Those who attended BBTS this year will have met Claire (UK Sales) & Nathan (Marketing) for the first time – additions to the Lorne team, helping to man our expanded stand. I know how much they enjoyed the experience – they are part of the team that delivers a reliable service to our customers week in and week out. For them it was about putting faces to familiar names.

From all accounts, BBTS 2012 was a success. Harrogate was an excellent venue. We enjoyed meeting so many friends of Lorne – after all, we have been attending BBTS from the start. Add to that the fact that Lorne has been in the blood transfusion business for nearly forty years. So when it comes to reliability, that’s kind of hard to beat. We look forward to seeing you all again in Birmingham next year.

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