Saturday, 1 September 2012

Object of the Week

Lorne Object
2012 is National Pathology Year. I have got to confess that this has not been high on my radar this year. It may well have passed the notice of many others too. Throughout the year, The Royal College of Pathologists have been publishing an ‘object of the week’ – something which has some connection to, and made a difference in,  the world of Pathology.

Some of the objects have been fairly central to the work of pathologists. Some others have been a little more subtle. Recently, one of the objects was a pigeon. Pigeons have played their part in evolutionary science – Darwin used them in his studies - and this was deemed worthy of celebration by the College. I would find it hard to disagree with that – Darwin is always worthy of celebration and I am always thrilled when I see his face on UK banknotes.

It did get me thinking though. What would Lorne choose if it was to celebrate the work of transfusion and other blood related sciences in this manner? What would be a suitable object with which to honour those who have worked in this field? What could represent the work of Blundell, Landsteiner, Levine and Stetson?

And what would Lorne choose to represent its own contribution, in bringing high quality, stable wet reagents to blood transfusion services and hospitals across the world? I’m not sure just yet. Perhaps that is for others to decide. Maybe a phone might represent our commitment to communicating with our customers – in delivering great customer service. Perhaps something out there could represent the competitive pricing of our reagents and kits. Or perhaps, quite simply, one of our bone china mugs – for many years a feature of our attendance at exhibitions – could adequately represent the long service that Lorne has provided to the world of diagnostic reagents?

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