Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Anti Jka and Coombs Control Cells

Anti Jka’ and
Honestly! The things that come up in conversations. I was sitting on the train on the way back from my recent trip to Turkey and I overheard a conversation between two fellow travellers. I wasn’t trying to listen in. It was just that there are certain words that you don’t expect to hear on a train and when they are spoken, you cannot help but tune in.

Anyway, those were the words I heard. ‘Anti Jka’ and ‘Coombs Control Cells’. It wasn’t the first time I had heard those words that week. Coombs Control Cells had come up in conversation when I was in Turkey and a colleague had been talking about Anti Jka just before I went. The two travellers were laboratory or blood bank technicians – I guessed – and they were obviously on their way home having finished a long day testing patients’ blood.

I wondered whether they were talking about Lorne Anti Jka or Lorne Coombs Control Cells. I was even tempted to ask. Whenever I do, I usually get excellent feedback. People like our products. They usually talk about the quality, the great stability and the long shelf life. Or even the customer service for which we are well known.

But I didn’t ask. It was very late and the rhythm of the train on the tracks was sending me into a delicious slumber. I must have dozed – when I looked up, the technicians were gone. I guessed that they must have been using Lorne products - they had both looked happy on their journey home. And that thought made me happy too.

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