Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Medica – again!

blood bank refrigerators
They say that marketing is taking over the world. Not from where we are sitting. There are six of the Lorne team going to Medica this year. Four are flying – in comfort – whilst the remaining two are driving all the way with a car stuffed to the gills. Guess which department is having to drive?

Fortunately, we are not having to take one of our blood bank refrigerators in the back. It would never fit anyway – not once we have got all our own luggage in. We do have room for the usual exhibition stuff – screens, choccy biscuits, pens, diaries – we are even taking a few samples of our blood screening products with us just to show potential customers. But no fridge – there’s just no room. We hope that, by now, most people in the business will know that we are laboratory equipment suppliers. If they don’t then maybe we deserve to be the ones going by car.

Anyway, if we do manage to sell a few of our excellent blood bank fridges on the back of this exhibition, we are hoping that it will be us flying next year. Perhaps, first class. With a limo to meet us at the airport. Well, one can dream.

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